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July 2018

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Chef Wars Journeys is the lite version of the hit food discovery game, Chef Wars! It’s everything you loved about Chef Wars, but simpler! For the first time, see what’s really happening inside Sylvie’s kitchen. Solve fun guessing games and food trivia to unlock chefs and ingredients. Fill up your kitchen with a thousand recipes, send your chefs on travel adventures, and collect secret postcards from around the world! Can you discover them all?


Mindcake started in 2015 when two guys - one from an AAA publishing background, another a veteran indie developer - banded to make light-hearted discovery games. Inspired by greats like "Carmen Sandiego", "Uncharted Waters: New Horizons" and the "Civilization" series, they wanted to build games that celebrate people and culture, and let players have fun exploring the world! Chef Wars is Mindcake's first game, and was launched on Google Play and the iOS Appstore on October 2017. Chef Wars Journeys followed in 2018!


  • QUIZZES GALORE: Solve challenging food guessing games and trivia to unlock chefs and ingredients for your kitchen!
  • INVENT: Mix and match ingredients to invent over 900 recipes!
  • TRAVEL: Send chefs on travel adventures, and collect rare postcards from famous locations. Pack any of your invented recipes – it may affect where they go!
  • KIT OUT YOUR KITCHEN: Collect hundreds of chefs, ingredients, furniture, dishes, and postcards for your base! Can you find them all?


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Coming Soon!" 2018

Selected Articles

  • "[On Chef Wars] Possibly the most the charming game I’ve ever played. If you told me this was a mobile game made by a major studio... I’d believe you!"
    - Paul Meekin, Heavy.com
  • "[On Chef Wars] There’s so much to unlock and discover, you’ll find yourself getting sucked in every time you play!"
    - Cammy Harbison, Player.One
  • "[On Chef Wars] Good food has the power to bring people together in exciting new experiences. A hearty meal is an adventure – one that’ll take you places, and have you relishing the peoples and cultures of the world. That’s precisely the message Chef Wars aims to impart"
    - Michael Logarta, GMA News Online

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About Mindcake Games

Mindcake is an indie building light-hearted discovery games! Our mission is simple: we make games that celebrate people and culture. We want players to have fun exploring the world!

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Chef Wars Journeys Credits

Clifford Lim

Juan Karlo Licudine

Lois Laqui

Buko Studios
Production Art

Sound Design Manila

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