It’s the end of March! We owe our followers an update! But first… a BIG BIG BIG thanks to everyone who liked our Facebook page and posts ( It gives us here at Mindcake (all 3 of us – designer, developer, and artist) so much support and inspiration!

When we started Chef Wars, we knew we had to do 3 modules: (1) kitchen battles, (2) world map, and (3) chef/resource management (aka base camp). Once done with those, the game is technically playable, but may not be a full experience yet. We will need a few more months to polish, create guides/tutorials, tweak the game balance and economy, put social features, and write the storylines!

For the first four months (July to October), we fine tuned the kitchen battle and went through many iterations! (Thanks to friends and family who tested and gave feedback!). Then towards the end of November, we started with the world module. We believed it would be the toughest technical challenge we’d face… and we were right! We had to create a world map tile by tile, render it in-game, and generate all the systems that come with world exploration! This means unlocking cities, discovering towns, random events, visiting markets and taverns, NPCs who moved around the world map on their own, pathfinding and movement… the works!

Chef Wars map of Europe at 6% zoom!

Chef Wars map of Europe at 6% zoom!

We’re happy to share we’re nearing the end of this. We think we’ll be wrapping up the world module by April or early May… at which point we’ll head towards a slightly easier module which is base camp! This is where you train and level up chefs, invent and upgrade recipes!

Once all that’s done, a few more months of polish, social systems, balancing, storylines and backend work. We are really hoping to launch sometime before end 2016! So please bear with us – we’ll definitely keep you posted!

In the meantime, we REALLY REALLY appreciate the support. Do write in any ideas you have for the game as well, and we’ll definitely consider them!