We at Mindcake Games are happy to announce our third game, HistoHunters (Short for History Hunters), a spiritual successor to our first game, Chef Wars.

The game is set 3000 years into the future when all mankind is extinct and animals have evolved. As the player, you are in charge of sending treasure hunters to various missions around the old world. Each artifact you discover can be showcased in paid exhibits which will give you funds to explore more rewarding missions.

The game features 842 artifacts, 154 real world locations, 90 weapons and equipments, and 20 different animal classes.

We are almost done with development. All of that is left is polishing and playtesting. If you are interested in helping us hunt for treasures (and bugs!) then please join us on Discord or at our Facebook community. You could also follow us on Twitter for updates.

Thank you and happy hunting!