Now that we have your attention with Cheswick’s cuteness, here’s a quick check on where we are!

We’ve finished all the core game systems (yay!) and are now programming the backend! This will include limited user login, data saving/backup, and social features, as well as an item store!

Hold on! Item Store? Woah now! Is this going to be a pay to win game? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Chef Wars will be free to play and very generous, since our intent is to create a food exploration game that’s widely accessible! There may/may not be ads to support our operations, but there will be no paywalls to progress! The entire map will be fully explorable from the get-go, and all ingredients can be earned normally! The things you can buy are special characters, skins, and convenience items (extra chef/recipe slots, character resets, so on)! The game also isn’t multiplayer-focused, so there’s no “to win” in pay to win! LOL.

So, we’ll be doing this backend for the next few months or so, including finally polishing and porting to mobile!

We thank the community for sticking with us throughout this entire year, we really appreciate it! ALMOST THERE!