It’s been a crazy 1.5 months since we launched, and Karlo, Lois and I couldn’t be more grateful and overwhelmed!

So what DID happen?

  • Apple featured us as their “Game of the Day” on October 12, and made us part of “New Games We Love” that week!
  • Google featured as about 2 weeks later under their “New + Updated Games”!
  • Apple also re-featured as at different points, such as “Our Favorite Indie Games” in South-East Asia, “Compelling Concepts” in US, and “Gorgeous Graphics” in Canada!
  • The Chef Wars Facebook Community has grown to 1000 members in 1.5 months! If you haven’t joined yet, come in to trade tips, tricks and experiences with other avid Chef Wars players! (
  • Our Apple and Google ratings have been steadily climbing! From about 3.5 stars at the start, we’re now 4.1 to 4.2! So thank you very much to everyone for sharing the love!
  • We pushed in about 9 updates since launch – many of them were bug, performance, or balance fixes. But the biggest one was the Autumn Update where we added 10 new Fall/Thanksgiving recipes, 100+ new battles, a new title screen, and the Daily Login Rewards!

Chef Wars Autumn Post

For the first two weeks, Karlo and I slept just 3-4 hours each day answering reviews and emails, responding on social media and the FB group, fixing bugs, and tracking server stats (we had a small downtime for an hour as folks flooded in, which we quickly fixed).

Most importantly, we were listening to community feedback and making gradual tweaks, and planning future features. We asked the community what they wanted to see next – new regions, PVP, seasonal updates, UI changes… and our TODO list kept growing! We focused on crashes and stability issues first, and we’re now on better footing to add more content!

But as with most mobile indies without a huge publishing apparatus, our traffic declined sharply after the feature (see chart below). We don’t have resources for paid acquisition – so we’ve been relying on word of mouth, PR articles from outlets willing to cover us, and of course any app store re-features.

Launch Traffic

We still have a small, tight-knit, and active community which we hope to support in the months (years) to come. And Chef Wars definitely has a lot more to offer than most casual mobile games – such that dedicated players have been sticking around for weeks, even months (probably more than 50 hours worth of content!). But as the players and revenues gradually dry up, we’ll start to work on new projects based on the immense learnings we gained, while continuing to support everyone with at least quarterly updates! Mindcake’s vision will always be the same – we want to build deep but light-hearted discovery games, so that players continue to have fun while learning about different cultures!

Don’t worry though, that won’t be for awhile! There’s still a lot to do for Chef Wars! In the immediate horizon:

  • We’re working on PVP! For the first time, players can challenge others to be the Top Chef in 12 major cities! Each “season” runs for a month, and the top chefs per city get gem prizes! Stay tuned this December!
  • We’re also working on the Christmas/Winter update! 19 new recipes, 100+ winter-themed battles, a new title screen, and perhaps some world map changes (hint hint)!
  • After PVP and Winter Updates, we’ll work on Cloud Save, more stability and performance, and perhaps some smaller UI improvements.
  • From there, the next big update will likely be a new region, and Spring recipes!
  • After all that, we might start building a “companion app” or simpler, more accessible Chef Wars spinoff! Exciting!

There’s a ton of work ahead for the three of us! Once again, we thank everyone for the love and support, and we’re hoping to build more fun discovery experiences for everyone!