We’ve been pretty quiet since December! We’ve been busy pushing out new updates for Chef Wars, like PVP, the Winter Update, Spring Update, and the Turkey and Levant regions!

But the most exciting thing we’ve been working on is a new spin-off game called CHEF WARS JOURNEYS! And we think it’s ready to be launched in a month or so! Watch the trailer below!

CHEF WARS JOURNEYS is a casual, more accessible version of Chef Wars. Players get to see Sylvie’s kitchen base in action! The objective is to collect stuff like chefs, ingredients, recipes, postcards and furniture, and see if you can unlock them all! From the base, there are a couple of delightful mini-games to keep players interested and learning about different cuisines, in the same way Chef Wars did via its RPG mechanics.

  • QUIZZES: Solve challenging food guessing games and trivia to unlock chefs and ingredients!
  • INVENT: Mix and match ingredients to invent over the more than 950 recipes on Chef Wars! There’s no more consumable ingredients, markets, etc, this time. Once an ingredient has been unlocked, you’re free to invent any of the recipes with what you have, and they stay permanently!
  • TRAVEL: Send chefs on travel adventures and collect postcards from famous locations. Traveling is a simple one-click interface. Just pick your chef, and the recipes you want them to bring. The recipes you choose may affect where they go!
  • QUESTS, TRINKETS, ACHIEVEMENTS: Finish quests, collect each chef’s 3 aspirational postcards, and complete your collections to unlock trinkets and special objects that appear in base!

We felt that while the original Chef Wars was much loved, deep and immersive, many folks were blocked by the complexity. Hopefully, Chef Wars Journeys is a much more accessible entry point to the characters and food we all know and love!

It’s in OPEN BETA now on Android, while on TESTFLIGHT BETA signups on iOS (FB community members have access to the signup link and we open slots which new builds). Watch out for the full launch soon!