Chef Wars

Chef Wars FAQ



  1. Why can’t I invent a recipe even if I have all the ingredients?
    The chance for recipe invention success is determined by both the ingredients you put in, and your chef’s Creativity attribute! A full set of correct ingredients provides a baseline 60% success chance, and the remaining 40% is determined by your chef’s Creativity. At high creativity levels (9 or 10), you can invent at 100% sometimes even with one or two ingredients missing. There are also chefs who have +% flat bonus chance to invent recipes!
  1. Grrr! I just wasted my rare ingredient on a failed invention!
    Remember that you don’t need ALL the exact ingredients to invent a recipe. Try getting at least 3 or 4 of the less rare ingredients instead, and train your chef’s Creativity! That will be a better return on investment than trying to farm a rare ingredient from the market!
  1. Do I lose my upgrade progress when forgetting recipes?
    No! If you forget or unlearn a recipe, you will retain that recipe’s upgrade progress for that particular chef the next time you insta-learn or re-invent it the normal way.
  1. Can I insta-learn a discovered but unlearned recipe on any chef?
    Yes! Once any of your chefs discover a recipe, it is saved in your school’s recipe library! You can then insta-learn it on another chef, or have them invent it normally.
  1. How many recipes are in the game?
    Currently 900! We hope to add more over time!
  1. How can I progress with the recipe slot limitation?
    Sylvie starts with 10 recipe slots, while all other chefs start with 5. You can then increase this to 20 per chef by doing Brain Booster Trainings with gems. Gems can be found through boss battles and as daily reward login gifts (as of the Autumn Update 1.1.6).Even if you never do a Brain Booster Training, you should get around 30 recipe slots across 5 chefs, which is quite a wide selection to choose from already. Also many recipes are applicable across different regions and themes, and some judges care more about a recipe’s raw power. So it’s about specializing and upgrading your chefs and recipe arsenal, as it is about having many recipes to choose from.After completing most of the bosses, and progressively collecting gems through daily login rewards, eventually you will be able to get max 20 slots per chef (100 recipes for the first 5 chefs)!
  1. How do I invent X recipe?
    – The wiki being created by the community is an excellent resource! Check out the list of discovered recipes, ingredients and tags there:
    – There’s also an awesome Facebook community where players help each other and offer tips. Just ask any question there:


  1. How do I recruit new chefs?
    As you defeat bosses, you’ll eventually unlock the home cities of recruitable chefs! Their special battle will pop up under Quest Log -> Recruit. If you defeat them, you can recruit them as long as you have available chef slots! There are 7 freely recruitable chefs in the game now, with the first being Astrid in Marseille (south of Paris).There are also premium chefs you can purchase at the item store. You still have to unlock their home city first before you can buy them. Then after purchasing at the store, their battle will appear in the city.
  1. If I dismiss my chefs, do I lose their training and recipe progress?
    No, their attributes, unlocked traits, recipes and recipe upgrade progress will remain as is when you re-hire them.


  1. Where do I find X ingredient?
    – The wiki being created by the community is an excellent resource! Check out the list of discovered recipes, ingredients and tags there:
    – There’s also an awesome Facebook community where players help each other and offer tips. Just ask any question there:
    – There are also Black Markets (denoted by the Mushroom Houses) hidden in different regions. They let you buy specific ingredients for cash or gems – but at a much higher price!
  1. How do I reach Asia?
    As you defeat Michel St. Michel in Europe, the path eventually branches into 2 or more cities. Follow the path to Northern Europe (Brussels) to get to the UK. After defeating Michel St. Michel in Dublin, the last city in the UK, you can unlock Tokyo and fast-travel there any time!Purchasing Tubs also lets you fast travel for free to any of his recruit missions, which appear in unlocked towns throughout Europe and Asia. So it’s a great early way to reach Asia!


  1. Why does this judge give me X score?
    Each judge has their own criteria for what they consider relevant. Judges like Anna, Duchess and Pastor care about your recipe’s adherence to the themes. Judges like Nigel, Chairman Meow, and Imani care more about the recipe’s final power. Judges like Kimee Kandyshan care more about their personal preferences! You can see the score breakdown for your dish at the results screen, by clicking on the small question mark beside each judge’s score!
  1. Why does my recipe’s power in battle show up differently versus the power I see in base?
    The recipe power you see in base is your dish’s “baseline power”, which is an effect of your upgrades. The final power you see in battle is further affected by your chef’s Skill attribute and their traits (example, Sylvie gets +10% bonus power when cooking French dishes, or +20% bonus power when cooking dishes discovered to have the Earthy or Vegetarian tag because of her Naturalist trait)!


  1. Can I play the game offline?
    Yes! Chef Wars is playable offline but needs to be online and logged in to an account for some features to work, such as purchasing or receiving gems, syncing purchase history, friend tents (via FB) and online rankings.
  1. Is my progress saved online?
    For now, only gem balances and purchases are automatically synced online and tied to your account. Game progress is saved on the device. So please don’t uninstall the game, as your latest game progress will be lost! There is also a cloud-save or online backup feature but this is manually triggered and DOES NOT automatically save your progress when you connect online. This can be used when switching to a new device. While logged in to your online account, go to the options menu on the world map screen and SAVE your game to the server. Then on the new device, login to the same account, go to the options menu at the title screen, and choose to LOAD from the server too.
  1. My game just crashed!
    We’re constantly trying to improve the performance of the game, but have noted crashes or heating on lower-end devices. If you suspect the crash may not be performance-related or could be a bug, please write to us at or so we can investigate! Please send us your device model and iOS or Android version too!
  1. I’m missing some gems! My purchase didn’t push through!
    Please send us your Apple / Google receipt, as well as your account login details (email login, or if via FB, the email associated with your FB + FB display name) at or We will top up the missing gems for you as soon as we find there’s a valid discrepancy!
  1. Where can I get help?
    – The wiki being created by the community is an excellent resource! Check out the list of discovered recipes, ingredients, characters and themes there:
    – There’s also an awesome Facebook community where players help each other and offer tips. The devs are also lurking in the group to help folks out. Just ask any question there:
    – Finally, if you have any technical issues or missing gem requests, just drop us an email at or!


  1. How can I join PVP?
    Once you reach Fame Level 2, a trophy button becomes accessible in some capital cities, and you can fight to be the Top Chef in that city.
  1. How does PVP work?
    You earn City Fame (blue star) when you win PVP battles, and lose some if you get defeated. This is different from normal fame (yellow star). City Fame is tracked per city, meaning you can have high City Fame in Paris, but none in Tokyo if you don’t participate in the the PVP fights in Tokyo. At the end of every month or season, the person with the highest City Fame per city becomes the Top Chef of that city and receives a prize. This can be seen in the “Previous Top Chefs” screen under the Rankings/Social section.
  1. How does matchmaking work?
    The game will try to look for opponents who are within a certain amount of City Fame higher or lower than you, and also have a near or similar PVE Fame Level. If none are found, you can still fight AIs (“Challenger Tracy”). If you win a battle, the chef and recipe you used will be saved for others to fight against!
  1. What does PVP cost?
    You can fight in city PVP using a cash entrance fee up to 5 times per day, per city. Example – 5x using cash in Paris, then 5x using cash in Tokyo, etc, per day. After that, you will have to use gems, or you can return the next day to fight using cash again. The cash cost is based on your PVE Fame Level.