Hello! It’s me, Cliff – Mindcake’s CEO and game designer for Chef Wars!

Casual Connect Asia is finally done! We were awed by the many indies pouring their hearts and talent into their games despite the odds stacked against them, and for still being the coolest and most humble peeps ever!

Chef Wars didn’t win any prizes, but we had a great showing. We took away a lot of love and learnings, and were super grateful to everyone who came and gave their feedback. I also couldn’t have asked for a better co-founder, and delegation of fellow Filipino indies to have shared the experience with!

The Chef Wars booth at Casual Connect Asia's Indie Prize showcase!

The Chef Wars booth at Casual Connect Asia’s Indie Prize showcase!

As for the game, here’s what we took away:
1) People loved the concept! Everyone thought it was fresh and unique!
2) Sometimes folks felt a bit lost or overwhelmed. The booth visitors played with the tutorial skipped and there was only a limited time we could explain the game to them. But we realized there’s still a lot we can do to improve the guidance and pace. We’ll be revamping the tutorial (making it longer and more detailed, and diving into each mechanic), and adding a mini-map for the world exploration.
3) As folks peeled away the layers, they realized how humongous Chef Wars was! This was worth hours and hours of food exploration! Again, we just need to make sure people know where they are in the map and what their next objective is at all times.
4) There’s still a lot we could do with mobile UI and optimization. We came to Casual Connect a little raw as we have been testing on PC for so long. Now it’s about perfecting the mobile experience!

So all in all, perhaps 3 months more of polishing, bug fixing, and improvements until we soft launch on the app stores!

We leave stunned and exhausted, but with hearts welling with pride and satisfaction from an outpouring of support! We’re inspired more than ever to make Chef Wars the best (and perhaps the only) food exploration game ever!

We brought a lot of free sticker giveaways! Can you spot Cheswick?

We brought a lot of free sticker giveaways! Can you spot Cheswick?