Hi guys! It’s been 1 month since we opened up the beta last August! Just wanted to recap what lies ahead!

So far we’ve pushed out 2 updates which dealt with a lot of optimization, bug fixes and game balancing. For the next one (1.0.7), which we hope to have early next week, we’re finally tackling pain points raised by the community!
1) Salvaging ingredients after a failed invention (2 gems)
2) Insta-learning previously discovered recipes across any chef, bypassing ingredient collection and invention chances (10 gems). *Note: you also don’t lose upgrade progress for forgetting recipes and insta-learning.
3) Black Market NPCs who sell specific Uncommon/Rare ingredients at higher prices (cash or gems). They also sell according to the region they’re in, and by days of the week (Meaty Mondays, Fruity Fridays). Chickpeas in Spain finally!!!
4) Ingredient Selling – you can now sell ingredients for spare cash! Don’t know what to do with all that Flour? A little extra money always helps!

We’ll be posting the work in progress screenshots tomorrow for #screenshotsaturday! Check out our social media channels!

Then after that, we will spend the last few weeks before October 12 launch stabilizing the game and optimizing even more! This includes fixing the market crashes, black screens when switching apps on Android, and blank news! Oh, also, we need to build the backend scripts to give everyone their BETA REWARDS (100 gems + Sylvie Floral Skin)!

Thanks again to the entire community for making this beta amazing! We can’t believe the amount of love, feedback and support we’ve received (including a Wiki dammit! *man tears*). We’re determined to make the launch build as smooth as we can!

And of course, we have more features and fixes planned post-launch!

<Karlo, Cliff and Lois signing off to test build!>