By the time I finish this post, it will be October 12 in Singapore and Manila where Karlo, Lois and I are based. And it will officially be LAUNCH DAY!

It’s been an amazing 2-year journey! 3 years for me and Lois personally, since we started working on the game a year before Karlo joined! Words cannot express how we feel. Tired, nervous, apprehensive… but also happy, excited, and grateful for all the angels who have supported us on this ride. Family and friends who have been our cheerleaders, studios who helped us with art and music, and to all the playtesters who were generous with their time and feedback – especially those who have been with us since the early Alpha! These have been gifts. There’s just no other way to call it. Many times, folks gave without expecting anything back. It was pure passion and generosity.

It is with that same spirit that we built Chef Wars. We invested savings, poured countless days, weeks, years, and designed the world and characters with no expectation that it will be a big hit or even give back what we’ve put into it. By many industry standards, the game is pretty generous. There are no hard paywalls. You can even play everything offline for free.

We believe this is the best way to impart a lust for learning and discovery that we’ve felt playing many of our favorite games. If the game leads many to discover new cuisines, try different dishes in real life, and just be a little more open towards other cultures, then we’ve done our job. The world could always use a little more understanding.

I’d like to leave a lovely quote from the English novelist Frank Cottrell Boyce:

“Innovation doesn’t come from the profit motive.

Innovation comes from those who are happy to embark on a course of action without quite knowing where it will lead, without doing a feasibility study, without fear of failure or too much hope of reward. The engine of innovation is reckless generosity.

The powerful thing about the gift – as opposed to an investment – is that its consequences are impossible to predict.”

Enjoy our launch trailer, and we hope you love Chef Wars! Definitely the beginning of more to come!

– Cliff