The Team


Mindcake is an indie building light-hearted discovery games!

Our mission is simple: we make games that celebrate people and culture. We want players to have fun exploring the world!
And what better way to start than with food?! Whether it’s the artistic flair of Japanese or French haute cuisine, or the family love wafting from a country stew – each recipe tells a unique story.
We’re serving CAKE for the MIND –  are you hungry for more?
Cliff is the designer, producer and all-around gopher! He revels in spreadsheets all day!
Karlo heads all things techie at Mindcake – this includes platforms, processes, and LEGOs.
Lois paints all our wonderful concepts. She loves cats, getting lost in MMORPGs and hiding.
  Our three members are based in Manila and Singapore. We also get help from Buko Studios for additional art, and Sound Design Manila for music!
Drop us an email and say hi! We’d love to hear from you!